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God crossed our paths on 4-21-06...we took our time to officially start dating--we prayerfully started dating in the Summer of 2006, got engaged on 5-19-07, and God united us as one on our wedding day, 12-15-07. Exactly 1 year later, 12-15-08, we found out we were expecting our 1st child, Bailey Josiah, who was born on 8-3-09. God has blessed us beyond measure with such a precious son! We are so thankful for each other & for the amazing opportunity to raise one of His precious children. Little did we know, that a short 4 years later, we would be living out our vows, "through sickness & in health"...we hope & pray that this struggle with Lyme is going to be temporary, but right now are just taking it one day at a time, trusting God each step of the way. "In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps." Proverbs 16:9...."Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning." Psalm 30:5b


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hello Infrared Sauna...Bye Bye Toxins

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Wow!, my experience today in an infrared sauna for the first time was amazing!!, It was So relaxing & So rejuvenating!! I wanted to take it home with me :)

I have been told and am learning that taking the antibiotics are only half of what it is going to take for me to get better. The antibiotics kill the bacteria in my body, but those toxins have to come out of my body to get better. One of the best ways is through sweating. My body is Too weak to work out & break a sweat, so being in an infrared sauna is one of the best ways to remove toxins, in my opinion.

It would be So awesome to be able to get in it everyday; it would probably make me feel so much better & possibly be able to heal quicker. I told my hubby that if we got one, it could be my birthday, anniversary, & Christmas present for the next 2 years or more! :~) I actually have seen a few on Craigslist--going to look more into it!.....This pic was how refreshed I looked afterward....Ahhhhh :)

So, today is a cloudy day---looking forward to eating breakfast for supper and relaxing with my awesome hubby & adorable son! :)

Monday, I start my second 3-week round of antibiotics, so we will see how it goes. I am a little nervous, but just taking it one day at a time. 

The first 2 weeks were not too bad, but these past 2 weeks have been Ra-ough!, my body has been Extremely weak & it feels like Jello--it's like I am a car on "E", my body just won't go many days---the bad days are definitely outweighing the good days----

BUT, I am daily Striving to not let it get me down, with the help of my Encouraging husband!, God is Sovereign; He is my Creator, He knew every detail of me before I was even conceived (Psalm 139). He knew long before I ever knew, that I would experience this, in this season of my life. As I go through this, I want to strive to daily remind myself of this profound truth & to daily try to look at the big picture; this life is So temporary, I need to make the most of everyday, even if I am at home & have to lay down most of the time; I can still praise God through it!, As I rest I can be still before Him (Psalm 46:10), praise Him through music, and pray without ceasing for my loved ones. 

In addition, I can praise Him in how we raise Bailey; in how my time is with Bailey during the day before DaDa gets home. God has utterly amazed me with the child he has so graciously blessed us with. Bailey is so easy-going, gentle, patient, and is So helpful. He is my little sidekick :~) He keeps me company during this time and I thank Jesus for that!, Right now I am not able to run around with him or take him for a walk and do things with him that take more energy, but I Can do the smaller things, and I need to be ok with that....Bailey is :~)


  1. I’m happy that you finally got to experience the wonderful benefits of infrared saunas, Heather. You should’ve framed your photo as a souvenir of this milestone for you. By the way, did you know that the light emitted by infrared saunas is similar to sunlight? It also warms the body in a similar manner. I hope you finally get your own infrared sauna. :)

    Neil Dalby

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